We arrived in Gisborne which is part of the North Island's Eastern province.  In order to get there we decided to take the faster route and cut through the "gorge" rather than follow the seaside around a peninsula (time, time, time).  Turning off and heading towards the mountains, ominous dark clouds lay ahead.  The drive itself was yet again spectacluar.  The twisting, winding roads followed a mountain river as we climbed up and over the pass.  When we arrived in Gisborne it was overcast and threatening but not raining. 
   Gisborne is the first major town to start a new day.  When it is 7:00am on October 28th in Gisborne then it is 11:00am on October 27th in Vancouver. So Gisborne is the first town to. . . 

welcome each new day.  Carolyn and I made a point of waking up early to welcome the new day.  That morning the wind picked up and the clouds were more threatening.  We drove to the beachside ready to take in the glorious sunrise.  Well the sun rose but it wasn't as glorious as expected due to the weather but we did see shafts of sunlight poking through and it was quite special knowing we were one of the first people to welcome the new day sanding there on the beach.
     Later that morning the rain started and it was miserable.  Gisborne is at the north end of a beatiful crescent bay, surround by two rivers and rocky cliffs off in the distance.  We were expecting to be outside swimming, playing and frolicking on the beach.  Instead we did indoor activities, we went to the local McDonalds had a coffee and checked our email (McDonalds has FREE WiFi), visited the local museum (which was great), went to a winetasting (Gisborne is a wine producing area) and went swimming at the Olympic sized pool.  In the end, we had a great day and saw and did things that we normally would not have done.  What a difference the weather makes.
Marie Steiner
11/5/2011 02:41:07 pm

What a wonderful and exciting experience for you all. Enjoy hearing from you.
All the best
Lv Marie

Mary Nesbitt
11/6/2011 07:06:20 am

Keep those interesting blogs coming - love reading about your adventures - they bring back so many memories of my trip to New Zealand - (just "a few years ago") - (1984).


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