One of the reasons we like having a car and taking our time to get to a destination is to go off the beaten track with no agenda.  When you drive off the main highways, you never know what you will stumble upon.  Touring through the Alps on a winding small motorway, we pulled off on the side of a lake for a picnic.  We spied some wooden tables through the trees.  As we plopped down on a bench, a wakeboarder flipped in the air and landed just metres from the shore. Birch was very excited: we had come across a very cool lake with a pulley system for wakeboarders, waterskiers and wakesurfing - with no boats!  For the next two hours, in freezing mountain water, Birch had a blast! There were all kinds of jumps and rails to push his skill level. 
- Carolyn

P.S.  Do you call it wakeboarding when there is no wake?

joanne MacKinnon
6/25/2012 04:41:01 pm

Happy 16th Birthday Birch!!!!


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