We arrive in Zurich and it is great to see our friend Franz.  After warm embraces, we are shown to our own apartment.  That's right - our own apartment!  As luck would have it, Franz had a vacant apartment in which we could stay!  We parked our new, new car and unloaded our gear and quickly got settled in.  We open the door to the apartment and as we explore our new space, Birch and Allegra immediately find chocolate bunnies on the beds and are ecstatic.  The bunnies were compliments of Franz's mom.  We are then invited for a BBQ dinner at his parents' home just down the road.  We had met his parents about seven years earlier while they were visiting in Canada.  It is great seeing them again on their turf.  We exchange stories and enjoy an excellent dinner together.
     Our time in Zurich was a good mix of . . .

relaxing, exploring and spending time with Franz and his family.  Franz, Birch and I went for a hike one afternoon while Carolyn and Allegra spent the day in downtown Zurich at the fabulous national art gallery.  Another day Birch and I went for a great bike ride following a river valley and exploring the nearby parkland.  Biking is a great way to get to know a new city.  We thoroughly enjoyed our ride even though I got a flat tire about 5km from Franz's home. 
This is the first time we have had to use an epi-pen on the trip.  Apparently it had been very cold before we arrived, but then the temperature shot up.  All the flowers and trees bloomed at once.  The pollen was so thick that Carolyn's breathing became very laboured.  She had a very bad reaction, but all was okay with the magic adrenalin.  Hurray for science!
    In Lucerne, there is a Museum of Transportation: planes, trains and automobiles.  Birch and I were mesmerized by the exhibits.  Carolyn and I rode Segways, drove the latest electric cars and had fun on electric bikes.  Allegra hated the entire day.  She was much more interested in our visit to the Swiss chocolate Lindt store - filled with dozens of variations on the golden bunny with the red collar and tinkle bell.
Carolyn did find a new "favorite artist", 93-year-old Hans Erni.  She is quite fickle that way...
    We had an excellent visit and Franz and his parents were great hosts.  We reluctantly said our goodbyes as we headed back on the road again.

Graeme and Marianne - Australia
6/8/2012 09:51:45 am

Pleased to read all is going well and you are still on the road. We were in Bled and toured Croatia in 2010. We have just returned from 6 weeks in Portugal.
I agree - thank God for epi-pens. Marianne's sister also carries one in her handbag. Looking forward to reading more of your travels.

6/11/2012 06:45:12 pm

It was a great visit! Happy travels and a safe return home!

6/13/2012 10:43:22 am

Delighted to receive another card in the mail today! It has been a wonderful way to follow your voyages - though the blog is great too! I wish you were coming back to BC directly after your trip so we could get together! Enjoy!
love Val

11/9/2022 04:51:12 am

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