New Zealand
October 21st
Today we went for a hike along the shore of the Bay of Islands. We started in a town called Opua, and there is a little trail dug into the red clay, and the water was a beautiful turquoise, almost cyan. We walked along the trail until we found this beautiful spot where we sat down and just enjoyed the sun. I was the only one who went swimming because i was the only one who was smart enough to wear my board shorts. When we got back from our hike, we drove until we had made it to Ninety Mile Beach. the stretch of white sand went on for so long in both  directions that it disappeared into the horizon.  Allegra and I had so much fun sliding down the sand dunes and running back up and sliding back down again. It was dark by the time we got back to our van and we went right to sleep. We are going back to the beach tomorrow

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