Today we went to the Australian Reptile Park.  The first exhibit we went to was a snake and spider exhibit which caused me to make a mental note that I would always put shoes on when walking in the scrub instead of wearing flip flops.  The spider wasn`t that cool but the snake exhibit was.  We got to see all snakes of different colours and a couple of giant snakes that could crush you and the Taipan, the world`s deadliest snake, native to Australia.  It was so hot I had to run my hat under the tap and put it on my head and . . .

twenty minutes later it was dry.  We got to see kangaroos and emus running around the picnic tables.  We also got to see two giant Galagopos tortoises, Hugo and Dippy.  We saw koalas and wombats and we got to touch baby alligators.  Then we went into the platypusary where we saw a platypus swimming around in its tank, by then we had to leave.  We hit the road and drove to The Entrance and camped at a park, it was sooooo unbelievably hot I was sweating in my sleep sack. I couldn`t sleep, it was the hottest night yet.

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