We went to see some dolphins that we heard about through a German couple that we met in 1770.  We waded knee deep while the dolphins swam around about a metre in front of me, they were waiting for their morning breakfast.  There were two dolphins, the first dolphin I saw had scars all over his back and I was wondering aloud how it happened.  The volunteer told me it was from territorial fights with other male dolphins and that the scars were actually more attractive to the female dolphins. 
     We weren't allowed to feed them until . . .

A close-up of Mystiques "attractive" scars
precisely 8:00am so we had to wait for a bit.  There were a lot of people already so I figured I should wait at the front of the line to buy the fish in order to feed the dolphins.  While I was waiting at the start of the line I started talking with a volunteer  who was helping at the front putting the individual fish in buckets so people could get their bucket and feed the dolphins.  I learned that the male dolphin I had seen was called Mystique and he was 20 years old.   She also explained the story of how the Dolphins came to Tin Can Bay.  Mystique's grandfather had been caught in a fishing net and was seriously injured and if he was left in the wild he would not live.  The towns people cared for him and fed him for about  3 months until he became healthy.  The day after he was released, he returned with his pod the next morning, so the towns people gave them fish and the morning feeding ritual started. 
     I was first in line to buy the fish and there a lot of people behind me when they finally gave the OK to feed the dolphins.  I gave the volunteer $10 to buy two fish, one for me and one for Allegra and Dad took pictures.

 I had to disinfect my hands before I could feed the dolphins because they can get sick from human viruses.  I put the fish under the water and he gently nibbled the fish out of my hand.  It ws really exciteing because it was an endangered dolphin and not many people would get the chance to feed a wild dolphin by hand.

Angela Haig
11/29/2011 09:25:41 am

That is way cool Birch! I like your blog and your pictures. Keep it up! xoAngela

12/4/2011 02:55:21 am

unbelievably beautiful pictures. Love to see them. xoxo


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