New Zealand
October 22nd
We went back to Ninety Mile Beach and it turns out that the first time we were there it was HIGH TIDE! So now the size of the beach had tripled. I had so much fun playing in the waves and sliding on the dunes but Mom was asleep and Allegra didn't go too far because she said it was too cold. Getting tossed around in the waves was fun for a little while, but even with Dad there with me, it got boring fast. After we left Ninety Mile Beach, we came to this lookout where we could park our van. While Dad made dinner, Mom, Allegra and I went for a walk and found the most vibrant and diverse place I have seen in my life. On one hillside, there was a sandstone outlook that allowed us to see a huge array of plants of all shapes and sizes and a little trail leading down to a a bay of sugar white sand  surrounded by a mass of volcanic rock with archways and a blowhole.  Incredible!


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