_April 6,2012
During our visit in Slovenia we decided the most economical way to travel during our European leg of our trip is to buy a car.  Yes buying an inexpensive pre-owned (used) car is a better option than taking the train or renting a car.  There are a few factors that helped us reach this decision:  We are a family of four, it wouldn't be justifiable if you are travelling alone or as a couple.  The length of time of our Euorpean leg (about six weeks), if we were travelling . . .

_for four weeks or less renting a car would be a comprable option.  Buying a Eurail pass for the entire family is stupidly expensive.  The freedom of travelling by car is also priceless!!!
With my Uncle's help we searched a Slovenian used car website and found about six different car options within our budget and then the search went on.  After a few days of looking we found a car that was way below our budget and the previous owners were willing to leave the registration and car  insurance in their name, we just have to mail the license plates and ownership back to them when we are done with our travels.  The other obsacle was getting a car in our name, as a Canadian we cannot register a car, we need someone in the European Union.  The previous plan was to have my Uncle register the car under his name and mail the plates back to him, since these people agreed to keep the registration in their name we skipped a step and an added expense! 
     We met at the local motor vehicle branch, signed some papers and we had a new car!!!  After the sale we had a coffee with the previous owners to celebrate.  Now with our NEW CAR we were ready to hit the road running!!!  It is great when everything comes together and works smoothly along with a little help from my Uncle.

5/27/2012 03:12:54 am

Its not a Malibu but I guess it will do!


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