Grace hangs out in the fading sunlight while Katie, Allegra and Carolyn look for rhinos

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Birch finds some rhino tracks - they are huge!

Where's Waldo?
Katie & Grace, Sawyer, Birch and John with Dr. Rhino, our camouflaged guide -- look for him about 10 feet away from John!

Allegra is also hiding...

A mom and her baby quietly watch a mom and her baby...

"Hi!  My mom is American and my dad is from Kenya.. So my name is Obama!"  ...(True!)

This little 2-month-old guy is just growing his horns - adorable!

"The horns of a rhinoceros are made of keratin, the same type of protein that makes up hair and fingernails, but the horn is not itself made of hair as previously believed."
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1260515

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What should we title this photo?

Gian Perroni
4/19/2012 03:10:17 am

How about "The Sedin Rhino's" in honour of our struggling Canucks!

Enjoying all the pics, and your adventures from afar. Cheers, Gian

Valerie Pollock
4/24/2012 11:46:49 pm

How about "Duelling grazers" - as opposed to Duelling banjos!


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