Here I am enjoying a cup of coffee while tr;ying to spot a platypus
We have spent about five days driving along the Great Ocean Road and have headed back towards Melbourne where we stayed two nights at Phillip Island which is just south of Melbourne and saw the nightly ritual of the Little Penguin.  It was fantastic to see these little creatures waddle up from the ocean to their nests on shore. After our stay on Phillip Island we started the drive up to Canberra the capital of Australia.
After a long days drive we came across a sign that pointed us to a Platypus Reservation and stayed the night.  This was totally unexpected and we had the privilege of seeing . . .

this cute little platypus swim along the quiet Bombala River.
    While we were camped at the Refuge we met a retired Australian couple that were also at the site and struck up a conversation.  They were extremely friendly and gave us alot of good tips about camping in Australia and mentioned that the War Memorial in the capital was a must see.  The fellow mentioned that he had a great camping book that has maps of all the campsites accompanied with an index showing the facilities of each campsite.  He offered to take a digital photo of the pages in the camp book pertaining to our route which we could then download onto our computer and take a closer look when planning our trip.  What an excellent idea and away he went, got his book and started snapping pictures with our camera.  We were set! 
I am grateful for the kindness of strangers.
John  .

PS  We are enjoying reading all the comments, so keep up with the great commets, it is a nice way to stay connected even though we cannot reply to everyones comments!!
11/22/2011 05:27:50 am

so you saw this great penguin ritual and all I see is a picture of your fat head on a chair looking over a river!!! Get over yourself!!

It's me...what did you expect.


12/1/2011 11:16:58 am

You are making some beautiful memories you will treasure forever!! God bless

I was so sad to hear about your Dad's passing Carolyn. We send our deepest sympathies. Big heartfelt hugs to you all! Bill is smiling down on you and traveling with you. Keep making memories. It's what strengthens our bond with each other
Love you,
Angela, Leo , Gianni and Cristina xoxoxoxo


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