_Our next stop after visiting family in Slovenia is to visit a friend who was our neighbour in Steveston and has now moved back to Zurich.  While in Slovenia we manage to connect with Franz via email and we arrange to visit at the end of April.  After saying our good-byes to Zio Flavio and Mary along with many Slovenian and Italian relatives we head off toward Switzerland armed with print offs of our route from Google Maps and in our New New car.  Driving through Europe is rather easy, the road signs are clearly marked and as long as you know which major city you are heading towards and other large cities on route it is fairly easy to get around, especially if you stay on the major freeways.  We decide to . . .

_take the secondary roads because it makes for a more interesting drive and we are not in any hurry.  With Carolyn's superior navigational skills we manage to make our way through the Italian Alps. The drive is beautiful and soon enough we arrive at Caltzano and inquire about a place to stay for the night.  We discover that most of the hotels are closed since the ski season is over and only a hand full are still open for business.  After checking a couple of hotels we decide to keep driving and get closer to the Swiss border. Soon it gets dark and by 10:00pm we decide to pull over and sleep in the hotel Daihatsu.  I find a place to park the car and we pull out the Hotel Daiatshu blankets, after adjusting the car seats and settling in we all slowly doze off.  Our first official driving day in Europe has ended and we are within a few hours of Switzerland.

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