A view of Koper below
__April 10, 2012

We plan on driving to the capital Ljubljana to visit for the day and then set off for Bled a little further north to stay the night.  I was really excited that both our families will be travelling together and we will be using our new car.  We have a good breakfast and pack our cars.  We decide the boys will travel in David's car and the girls with travel in our new Slovenian car.  We all set off with David leading the way and Carolyn following.  About ten minutes into our drive, David gets a call on the cell, a few words are exchanged in Slovenian and then David turns to me and says, . . .

_ "The car broke down".  What!!!  I couldn't believe it not even a few kilometers out and our "new" car breaks down.  David finds a place to turn around and we meet up with the girls to take a look at the car.  Conveniently, Carolyn found a good pull out to stop the car, with a beautiful view.  We all get out of the car and take a look, steam is coming out of the engine and sure enough we aren't going anywhere fast. 
     After discussing the situation we decide to continue on our trip with Ingrid's car, so David and Ingrid  set off while Carolyn and I stay back with the kids.  When Ingrid and David return with their cars, David suggests that we call his mechanic who will take a look at the car and give me an estimate for the repairs.  Now we are off again with our "New" car abandoned on the side of the road.
    After reflecting on the break down of our car I was grateful that it broke down when it did.  We weren't out of Koper yet allowing us to call a mechanic that David knew and trusted.  A good mechanic is like a good doctor, indispensible!!!  We didn't get stranded on the side of the road miles away from their home, the timing of the break down was excellent.  Now the only question that remains; Is it worth fixing????

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