Now we hop on a night bus and head east to the interior of Turkey to an area called Cappadocia.  Cappadocia is located in the centre of Turkey and it gets a lot colder as we move west.  Again the bus ride was as comfortable as it gets and Birch and Allegra sleep effortlessly.  That is the beauty of being young, you can sleep under varying conditions, for me, I survived! 
     Wow, Cappadocia is absolutely gorgeous, it consists of many giant stone formations that have been carved out over time.  We go to . . .

the tourist office and are assigned our guide with a driver and a few other tourists.  Today we will visit a cave city that existed thousands of years ago with tunnels that were dug out and the people hid underground whenever they were threatened.  The people created an entire city underground, complete with ventilation, a well, private suites and a place of worship. Enough talking . . .
The inhabitants used this site to crucify prisoners
After visiting the underground city we set off for lunch.  Our tour guide Effe is amazing, he knows the history of the area and the timelines of each Empire that influenced the area.  He answered any question and told many humorous stories.  After lunch we visit a Byzantine church built into a rock.

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