During our visit in the coastal town 1770 we bumped into an Australian couple, Marianne and Graeme, who were also visiting that day.  They shared some of their travel stories about Greece and Egypt and soon were on their way. 
     Days later, when we were returning along the coast, we decided to stop at a town called Noosa Heads.  While we were at a picnic area, guess who we bump into?  That's right, Marianne and Graeme.  This time we are in their hometown and after a few words, they invited us to dinner the following day.  We exchanged information, saying that we might take them up on their offer if our plans change.  HereOur original plan had been to . . .

visit and volunteer at a Koala Hospital at the Steve Irwin Zoo.  I had sent off an e-mail inquiring about volunteering and had not yet received a reply.  I then called the Zoo and asked what was involved in order to volunteer.  I soon found out it would not happen since the minimum age requirement was 16 years old and an application had to be submitted weeks ahead.  We then gave Marianne and Graeme a call and they were more than happy to have us over. 
     Marianne and Graeme graciously opened up their home to us and we had a wonderful visit. Marianne prepared a fantastic meal, topped off with a delicious Australian dessert called pavlova and great conversation.  The next thing I know it is almost 11:00pm and the kids are fast asleep on the sofa. They offer us the spare bedroom and I get the kids organized and soon we are fast asleep in a cozy bed.  We wake up well rested, refreshed and truly grateful to Marianne and Graeme's hospitality. 
One of the great things about travelling is how it opens us up to meeting new people and has been a highlight of our travels.

Marianne and Graeme
12/11/2011 06:13:21 pm

John, we thoroughly enjoyed your company.
We will continue to follow your travels via this site.
Maybe we will meet again in Vancouver.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and safe travelling.


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