On a gorgeous sunny day, coming out of the Italian alps, and travelling along valleys to Switzerland, we decided to have a picnic in Lichtenstein.  It is quite beautiful: green, quiet, peaceful.  Flowers everywhere.  Whipping wind.  As we climbed up the hill to the Gutenberg Castle, signage everywhere explained the multiple ghost stories that abound here.  The more we read, the odder it felt. Then, Birch and Allegra . . .

in some roughhouse playing, starting screeching as if they were being attacked.
Was it the ghosts of the murdered townsfolk?
 Hundreds of welts appeared on each of the kids, Birch more than Allegra.  Extremely painful.  We found out later it was the dreaded stinging nettles!  No wonder old europeans feared nature!

5/29/2012 08:42:00 am

Couldn't believe the pictures of the stinging nettles on Birch's back - Ouch!, poor thing! Hope they're gone by now. Would you believe there was a recipe in the Star last week for the latest in "Gourmet Food" - Grilled Stinging Nettles with Tomatoes - Yuk! Stay away from that!


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