This morning we saw quite a few koalas. There were about four koalas to a tree and there were a lot of trees. I befriended a koala, it was so cute!  I got to feed it and touch its head. It was quite an experience, and the best part is, it was a wild koala. Koalas are my New Favourite Animal (NFA). Later we went to the Twelve Apostles and played on the beach. When it got dark we saw some. . .

penguins coming back from their daytime feed.
11/16/2011 08:39:38 am

Cool buddy! Love to see your photos and read about your experience!

11/22/2011 02:29:30 pm

Cool pic of the koala birch. I think if you offered it some of your grandfather's prosciutto, it would have come home to Canada with you!


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