Today we went to a golf course with one thousand kangaroos. I almost touched one. Later I had a traumatizing experience with some cockatoos. They started out nice. I was feeding them and admiring how beautiful they were when one landed on my arm. I wanted to get some pictures, of course, but I winced at the sharp talons jabbing into my arm. Next one landed on my head, this one didn't hurt as much because of my toque. Then they . . .

swarmed, scratching me with their sharp talons. One bit my finger and made me bleed. I don't like cockatoos.
Colleen Greig
11/18/2011 04:37:45 am

WOW! that is totally nuts Birch. I thought Cockatoos were friendly birds! That sounds really scary/cool though... and about the kangaroos; i guess it's true that they are like oversized rodents?


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