We were off to Thailand, specifically Phuket which was our first stop.    A friend of Carolyn's from high school, Jennifer, invited us to stay at her Villa while we were in Phuket.  Arriving at the Villa was spectacular.  We arrived at night and were shown to our respective rooms - absolutely gorgeous!  - a real luxury after travelling in a Jucy Camper Van for 6 weeks.  We were served a late snack and waited for Jennifer and her husband Fergus and son Cameron to arrive later that same night.   It was great to meet them all and quickly catch up before heading to bed.  The next day we . . .

cruised in Jen's boat to one of the many islands (hongs) that surround Phuket, where we swam, snorkelled and kayaked.  We then anchored near "rum & coke" island which is so tiny that the only thing on it is a cool little open-air restaurant on stilts where we had lunch and few eponymous drinks (Carolyn's word...look it up).  It was great to be with an old friend of Carolyn's and get to know her and her son Cameron.  Fergus had spent the day preparing for a sailing race - there was no wind, which was great for us snorkelling but not so hot for racing - so we soon all met up back at the villa for dinner. Pad Thai, green curry, fresh coconut milk - and a few more rum & cokes... A perfect ending to a fantastic day on the water with friends!
The next day was spent enjoying the Villa and Carolyn got to spend some good time with Jennifer before she had to leave with Cameron who had exams the following Monday at school.  The rest of the time in Phuket we did a number of things.  We went with the Villa manager Khun Arree to visit the local Buddhist temple, snorkelled along the beach, went on a sea kayak day trip, had Thai massages and enjoyed the pool at the villa.  Basically our time in Phuket had a great mix of adventure and fun and relaxation - thanks to the generosity of Fergus and Jennifer.
I am grateful.

12/22/2011 11:51:17 pm


: of, relating to, or being the person or thing for whom or which something is named : of, relating to, or being an eponym

So did they name a new rum drink after you....Rum Jerman: a crazy ass old rum with coconut milk?

Love the pics

2/10/2012 11:59:05 am

Sounds divine!


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