We have started our first day of our journey.  If this first day is any indication of how our trip will unfold, we are extremely fortunate, since everything has gone quite smoothly.  We all woke up at 4:30am with a knock on the door by my mom Rosina and about a minute later all our alarm clocks went off.   As I climbed out of bed, the phone rings and it's our taxi driver confirming the address and letting us know he will be there in 15 minutes.   With hugs all around we say our goodbyes and the first step of our journey has begun!!

We have received such positive feedback from the Air Canada check in clerk and the the US Customs official.  When we mention that we are travelling for 8 months with our family, their eyes light up with comments like  "good for you"   "that's a trip of a lifetime" and "what will you do with the kids schooling?"
All is good and I am grateful.

10/23/2011 10:16:43 am

So great to hear about your adventure as you begin your time! The beach sounds amazing - hope Carolyn got that cath up sleep and I'll look forward to reading alongside your travels. Always in my heart.

10/24/2011 04:15:38 am

Could you guys look any happier or more excited??!!
So cool!


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