_April 9, 2012
When we left Canada and set off on our World Tour, we did not know where we would end up when April 9th, Carolyn's birthday came along.  We knew we would be somewhere in Europe but we didn't know which town or city.  As it turns out we celebrated Carolyn's birthday with family in Slovenia.  By the third week of our visit my cousin David and his wife Ingrid invited us to stay at their home for a week and we gratefully accepted.  They have two children, Iris and Tedej and David's parents Franko and Orietta also live on the second floor of their home.  They live in . . .

Carolyn and Allegra 'with Ingrid with a view of the valley below
_a small town called Kostabona, in a  beautiful home with a fantastic view of the surrounding hills and the valley below.  David's family lives on the top floor and his parents Franko and Orietta live on the middle floor and they share the main floor.  David and Ingrid are excellent hosts, they gave up their bed so Carolyn and I had a comfortable bed to sleep in while they slept on the pull out couch in their living room and their son Tedej gave up his room (moved down to his grandparents place) so that Birch and Allegra had a place to sleep.
_  Earlier I had mentioned that Carolyn's birthday was coming up and sure enough Ingrid makes sure that a birthday cake is served.  After yet another excellent meal the lights are turned off and we sing Happy Birthday in English and Italian!   WOW, Carolyn is 51!  It has been a full year since we decided to make this once in a lifetime trip happen.  Carolyn is showered with gifts, ear rings and a necklace, paints, rose soap and shampoo . . .
Quite a memorable moment to celebrate her birthday with family from Slovenia!

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