During breakfast, Mom found a wallet with quite a lot of money in it. She turned it in and it turned out to belong to a Polish guy.  In gratitude, they gave her a bottle of pear liqueur, apparently a Polish treat, and some beautiful glasses.  Allegra, Iris, Tadej and I ran up a steep hill to Castle Bled. It's built right into a cliff above a lake and the view is spectacular! I could see little rowers on the bright blue water, the snow capped mountains surrounding the lake, and a little church on a tiny island. Eventually we 
 met up with our parents, and we all went to the museum. There was this one room with a really old printing press, so we got a card printed as a reminder of this beautiful place. After that we . . .

 went to get a creme schnitta, recommended by Ingrid as it was a local dessert. They displayed the ingredients as cream, sugar, butter, flour. In that order. And it wasn't small either, it was seven centimetres by seven centimetres, which is actually pretty big. Kind of like a mille feuille, but with way more custard. 

 After we were done eating, we bought a picnic and looked for a place to eat. After walking along the beach for an hour and a half, we settled down on the shore and made ourselves some salami sandwiches. Our two families rented rowboats and rowed to the little island. I loved rowing around, and just being on the water was fun. It felt really good to move my arms and breathe the fresh mountain air.  When we got to the island, we went inside the little church.  I rung the bell three times: supposedly, if you ring the bell three times your wish will come true.  After our visit to the church we rowed back to the shore and then I rowed Iris, Allegra and Tedej around the little island. I was so happy. Today was really great!

Valerie Pollock
5/23/2012 09:02:34 am

Sign me up for some crème schnitta!!! Sounds great. Hope you made a fabulous wish...

love Val


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