_After a rather uncomfortable but inexpensive sleep we set off from our pull out north of Balzano and head towards Zurich in the early morning hours the next day.  Taking one of the alternative roads into Switerland requires that we drive through an overpass.  The drive is spectacular and nail-biting.  The steep, winding and twisting road reveals spectacular views at each switch back and as we climb it gets colder and colder and soon we driving through snow covered scenery.  Down the mountain pass and soon we arrive at the Swiss border.  There is a border entrance with the tiny border buildings but no one is inside.  The Swiss are not part of the European Union and I am ready with all our passports in hand but the border is un-manned and we get on our way. 
     Driving in Switerland is candy for all the senses.  Each small town is beautifully kept and you can see tiny villages nestled in the valleys surrounded by mountains.  We decide to . . .

_stop at a small town for to stretch our legs and enjoy a coffee and a treat.  Sitting at our outdoor tables we see the locals going about their daily routines, cyclists of all ages travelling along to the local grocer, butcher and baker, children on their way to school and moms with new-borns getting out for a walk.  We are in Switzerland and we are really enjoying it! 
    It's time to go so we pile into the car and set off.  While purchasing our coffee, Carolyn inquires about getting to the next village and the owner informs us that the overpass is still closed due to snow and we need to take the tunnel throught the mountain rather than over it.  We follow the directions given and arrive at a booth to the tunnel entrance.  I am expecting to pay a toll and continue on my way.  This is not the case: rather, this crossing is done by train where all the cars are loaded onto train cars and while parked the train carries its cargo through the tunnel.  Quite organized and efficient.  After a thirty minute wait (it's like waiting for the ferry for Bowen Island) we are all loaded and are transported through.  Again we marvel at the beauty of Switerland with its towering mountains and green valleys. 
     Soon enough we are nearing Zurich and Carolyn proposes we make a small detour into Lichtenstein, which is a tiny country between Switzerland and Austra.  We detour here and go for a walk and climb a small hill to the token castle (I think every major town in  Europe has its token castle) where we take in beautiful views and then head back down for a picnic lunch by a pond.

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