Here I am in front of the iconic ``Coat Hanger`` Bridge in Sydney
Today we took the subway into downtown Sydney.  Some very nice person left three half used week long passes for transit and kids under twelve rode free so we all got to take the train and ferry for free.  When we got downtown we walked to the "Rocks" where we bought some mangos and had a picnic.  We explored this area a little which was made up of tiny allyways.  Then we took a ferry (for free) over to Manley beach which is at the entrance to Sydney harbour.  Manley is on a thin long peninsula where . . .

Me and my family riding the Manley Ferry
one side is windy and has great waves and the other side is sheltered and calm.  We all hung out on the windy side because that is more fun.  I got a hat that I really like.  We stayed there until around dinner and then took the ferry back to downtown Sydney.  By the time we got back the sun was just setting and it was beautiful.  Sydney is on the east coast of Australia so we didn't get to see the sun set over the ocean but I loved watching the sun light up the Opera House.

Sydney Opera House at night!
11/19/2011 11:52:32 pm

I love your hat too - and you bring back great memories of that day.
love mom


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